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When will my carpets be dry?

Having clean, fresh carpets is undoubtedly one of the best things to have in your home. Knowing that all of those germs, dirt, stains and even odors have safely left the fibers in your carpet will leave you feeling refreshed and give your home a new start.

As humans, we typically tend to want everything done efficiently, but at a fast pace. This includes the drying process after having your carpets steam cleaned through our hot water extraction method.

Common questions such as:

· When will my carpet be fully dry?

· Is it safe to walk on afterwards?

· How long until I can move my furniture back?

The good news is our powerful carpet cleaning machine extracts almost all of the water used in our cleaning process. This leaves your carpet fibers with minimal moisture, giving you a fresh, clean carpet that dries quickly.

We recommend giving the carpet(s) a full 24 hours to dry completely. If desired, we will also go the extra mile and put air movers on the carpet so that by the time we leave, your carpets are 98% dried. From there, it will take no longer than two hours to dry, and is completely safe to walk on—with clean shoes and feet. Though it will be safe to move most furniture back onto the carpets after a couple hours, we recommend waiting the full 24 hours to move any heavy furniture just to be safe in ensuring no secondary damage (rust/imprints/etc.) is done.

We can't wait to give your carpets the fresh look they deserve with our quality cleaning and drying process!

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